Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The similarities are disturbing

While reading Reddit yesterday, I came across an article about a Chinese communist party official named Li Xingong who was caught in the act of raping girls as young as 11 year old. A subsequent investigation discovered that he had rapped about 100 other young girls. He was ultimately brought to justice through the use of social media. The similarities between the Communist Party and the Catholic church are disturbing when the abuse of children and protection of pedophiles are the common variable.

According to a report by the Youth Times (Chinese), a police raid of Li’s personal effects revealed a “large number” of condoms, lubricants and aphrodisiacs. On his personal computer were stored pornographic pictures as well as the the QQ numbers of many young girls. (QQ is a widely used chat service in China.) It is now suspected that Li Xingong may have neared 100 different victims before he was finally caught.

China’s netizens have spared no word in assailing Li Xingong and his crimes. On Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter, they have demanded he be sentenced to death as soon as possible, with many calling for him to be subjected to a variety of corporal and capital punishments including castration, drawing and quartering, hanging, and a variety of other brutal measures used in imperial China. They are calling him a “beast” and “human scum.” 

Source: Chinese Local Official Rapes “Nearly One Hundred” Young Girls Before Capture

On Reddit, DarkGamer had this to say: Just like the Catholic church; unquestionable power allows such men the opportunity for abuse. Read the thread – it’s interesting.

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