Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bible Scholar calls out Piers Morgan over Olsteen interview

I watched the January interview but missed the most recent version – Joel Osteen is exactly the opposite of what I think of when I think of the word Christian. He preaches Rock Star Christianity and he’s made a fortune out of it. In the video below, Osteen calls homosexuality a sin. Piers Morgan interview was a promotional puff piece. He challenged nothing.

Bible Scholar Dr. Joel M. Hoffman published an open letter challenging Morgan. He called Morgan’s effort, “promoting bigotry and helping to perpetuate a fraud”.

Hoffman writes:

It’s both an important point and an easy one to settle. You could have asked Pastor Osteen for the chapter and verse that he thinks calls homosexuality a sin. What you would have found is that he couldn’t provide it, because Pastor Osteen was expressing his personal opinion, not quoting the Bible. The Bible doesn’t say that homosexuality is a sin.

Source: Bible Scholar Accuses Piers Morgan Of Promoting Bigotry

Seriously folks… the truth is the truth and mediocrity helps spread hatred and bigotry. Do your job Piers Morgan. Ask the hard questions. Be a real reported.

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