Thursday, May 03, 2012

Another charge for youth pastor Jeffery London

A ninth victim came forward with allegations that youth pastor Jeff London sexually molested him. The defense countered with a bizarre get rich quick story line.

Gonzalez said yesterday that the growing number of victims are making up their stories in a bid go after the fortune of London's former benefactor, Elizabeth "B.J." Huizenga Buntrock. As reported here recently, the very wealthy Buntrock, cousin of mogul H. Wayne Huizenga, financed London's homes and vehicles and founded the Eagle Academy Charter School in Lauderdale Lakes where he was made dean of students.

I don’t think this defense will pass scrutiny. The scheme too complex for children to have come up with it, and, how are the kids supposed to get rich from this?

In other news, text messages show that London liked to molest his victims while they played videogames.

After one boy asks in a text if he can play the "Call of Duty" video game, a text sent from London's phone asks to perform a sexual act on the boy while he plays.

It’s pretty sick stuff. London’s defense attorney is playing the text messages off as a conspiracy by the victims. I understand why people hate lawyers.

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