Thursday, April 12, 2012

Youth pastor Jeffery London arrested

Youth pastor Jeffery London was arrested and charged with 30 counts of battery and child molestation. According to the Orlando Sentinel, London was denied bail after an alleged victims emotional testimony. London faces life in prison if convicted.

Let’s run 48-year-old Jeffery London down. Can you see the problem?

  • Counselor at the Boys and Girls Club in Fort Lauderdale
  • Dean of students at Eagle charter Academy
  • Youth Pastor at Fort Lauderdale’s Bible Church of God
  • Took in troubled youths at his home

But wait for it… Parents gave their kids to London for same keeping. People are so naively trusting. Here you have a single man who’s life revolves around children, and he has little oversight, and parents give him kids. When is this ever a good idea?

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Anonymous said...

This sound like a set up I'm sure these were black young men. Black ppl as a whole don't know how to keep their mouth closed. This smells like bullshit (hardcore)