Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pastor David Allen to be tried for murder

DavidAllenThis case chills your bones. A pastor married for 20 years loses his wife in a tragic house fire. Less than a year later he’s married to a 27-year-old replacement wife Megan Lynn Griffith. At least the authorities did not drink the Kool-Aid.

The capital murder charge stems from the March 22, 2011 death of Allen’s former wife Paula in a house fire.

Allen was indicted in February, accused of setting the fire deliberately, using a flammable accelerant.

Paula Allen, 54, was found dead just inside the front door of a mobile home behind the New Life Church of Restoration just east of Gatesville.

I don’t think it helped his case that he was seeing a younger woman from church while he was still married to his wife. And then there is the rumored pregnancy.