Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Did you think you would not be sued?

This is the kind of things that drives me a little crazy. Youth pastor Derek Coulter caused the death of 13-year-old when he allowed him to drive an SUV (and crash it). He lied about the crash too. He is an horrible example modern Christian youth ministry. A kid leading kids, or at least an immature adult leading kids. The fact remains that he caused the death of a kid. It stands to reason that the parents of the child would seek redress. Right?

But in a trial starting today in Nelson Circuit Court, a jury will be asked to decide a more vexing question: Should the Big Springs Assembly of God church, Coulter’s former employer, be responsible for his misconduct and for Jamie’s death?

The church counters with a few facts…

  • Coulter was on his day off
  • It was not an official church camp out
  • It was not on church property

They don’t address that fact that the relationship was custodial. That the church knew about Coulter’s irresponsible behavior. That all children attending the camp were from the church. And, that coulter did youth minister stuff. He was an agent of the church… It’s pretty easy to see.

Now… pay the settlement. Sell the church. Move to the next town and start over. Go ahead, that what happens when you kill a child. You pay your dues. You make it right with the parents. It seems like the Christian thing to do. Right?

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