Saturday, February 18, 2012

Walking, not blogging…


A few of you have noticed that I stopped blogging a few weeks ago. I want to tell you why. A health problem cropped up that was serious enough to scare me. I had to make a choice. Start exercising or pay a heavy price. I opted for exercise, and I let blogging go for a time.

Each night, I come home and walk during the hour I usually spend blogging. Now, almost a month later, I have a routine down that gets me an hour of walking in almost every day. The only exception to the treadmill routine  is when I walk out in the real world like I did on the 17th. It took almost three hours to walk the wetlands near Bolsa Chica State Beach in Orange County. My odometer tells me that I walked 5.7 miles. I walked at a slow pace because I took a few hundred photos (mostly bad) of the local scenery and birds. The photo above is one of the better shots.

I have a problem though… I love to write. I’ve been struggling with how to do both. I’ve decided to reduce the time I spend in another idle pursuit; gaming. It will free up time, and then hopefully I can put some words together.

My health. All I can say is that the ball is in my court. I must exercise every day. It has a profound affect on how I feel and on my health. The by product of exercise and controlling my diet is that I lose weight too. Exercise becomes a litter easier with each pound I shed. The lighter I get, the easier it is to get out and take photos and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a win all the way around.