Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tucson oddness

I'm in Tucson on business. And true to form, the fundies reached out for me on the flight over. The old lady across the isle handed me a mini bible. I refused it, but she keep pushing it my way anyway. I eventually took it and slipped it into the trash when the flight attendant walked by. She winked at me.

The man to my left on the window seat insisted on telling me the story of his conversion. I was nice at first, but then realized he was in full on witness mode. I put my headphones on, pumped up Nirvana, and ignored him. He kept trying to talk to me, even through a loud rendition of Dumb. I eventually told him to shut the fuck up using my loud scary voice. He shut up.

People... Christians in particular, do not try to recruit for your team on planes. It is just not nice or fair. If we tell you off, you've earned it.

I thought thus last guy was praying, but it turns out he had a bad back.