Friday, February 24, 2012

I laughed with them

I visited Tucson this week. My visit happened to coincide with the GOP debate in Arizona. On the night of the debate, I visited a bar near my hotel. I walked into the bar at about the halfway point of the debate. Gingrich was speaking. The room was full of laughter. I looked around for the source and spotted a knot of people standing near a big screen. As I approached another round of laughter broke out. The bar was full of people laughing. When Santorum started to speak somebody yelled, “Asshole”. Another yelled, “Jag off.” People howled with laughter. I laughed with them.

It got me thinking. If the patrons of a middleclass bar in Tucson are laughing at the GOP candidates, what chance do they really have?

I left before the debate ended and stopped in at my hotel’s bar before heading back to my room. I found a different audience there. Salesmen and management types working for the Rain Bird corporation, plus a couple of barflys and hotel staff. I asked those sitting at the bar what they thought of the debate, the response was unanimous, “Fuck the debate.” When I asked why, they all responded with a slightly different version of the same story. Essentially, they think that the candidates are nuts.

  • Santorum – too worried about why other people do in their bedrooms, plus way to religions.
  • Gingrich – A failed politician who has questionable morals.
  • Paul – a complete loon.
  • Romney -  A rich out of touch elitist who’s not even a Christian.

I think the GOP is in deep trouble. Whatever fantasy they have running through their minds will not pass the ballot test. None of these candidates have the respect of the people on a level that will assure a win. And none of these candidates will beat Obama. That’s a lost cause.

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