Friday, September 16, 2011

Pastor Tedd Butler faces more charges

Tedd Butler is a Baptist pastor in Walker, MI. He faces life in prison over 2 counts of first-degree sexual assault. An additional charge of second-degree sexual assault was added this week. The victims are children.

Police investigators have said the alleged assaults happened several years ago, in the 1980s and 1990s. The Ottawa County incident involved a boy whose family attended Gospel Light Baptist Church in Walker, where Butler has served as a pastor.

Source: Ottawa County pastor faces more sexual assault charges

The church website contains the following statement.

Gospel Light Baptist Church understands that there is a pending case against our pastor. Pastor Butler has been suspended pending the outcome of this case. We are praying for everyone involved in this case. We are continuing ahead with normal church activities. We request the media to respect the privacy of our church and church members.

Their request for privacy is asking too much, but I admire that they addressed the problem directly. Openness is the key to healing.

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Anonymous said...

It's quite sad that he has done this to our family. As children we thought having him as a part of our lives was the one good thing about our childhood. Being a so called man of god we thought we were in safe hands. It makes me sick to my stomach that he has done this. It was very hard to see him again and not say anything to him. To ask him how he could portray himself as a man of god to children who have come from an already broken family and break that family apart even more. This will haunt us for the rest of our lives and when the time comes god will judge him for what he has done.

anomyous said...

you have more issue then anyone i know. for you to actually believe such an allegation. The family of the boy i know personally and they have always been out for money. They are low life's who would make their kid lie for their own financial gain. and the other case is some crack head who wants money as well. The pastor has thousands of people supporting not just the church supporting him why? Because he is a man of God. and he has done nothing wrong. oh yeah and it makes me sick to my stomach listening to comments like yours. oh and why do you think that their family is broken uh? Probably because of the stunts that the fathers pulls. And yet through all of this non sense the pastors family is stronger then ever because they know "TRUTH" one more things in the end yes God will judge these messed up liars for doing this

Mojoey said...

You are aware that the most common victim of clergy sexual abuse is an at-risk child. Right? Oh wait, you think the children are liars and believe the pastor because he's a pastor... That's a mistake. Your pastor will go to prison for what he has done. You best start he job search now.

Anonymous said...

I believe he admitted to doing it!!! So he is guilty and sick! I also believe you owe the victims an apology! Just because someone claims to be a man of God doesn't make it true.