Friday, August 05, 2011

Pastor Dale Richardson arrested

DaleRichardsonWhen we talk about hypocrisy, it quickly becomes apparent that Catholics priests and Baptists pastors lead the clergy from other Christian sects by a wide margin. Catholic priests tend to go after our innocent children. Baptist pastors tend to lead the pack in moral depravity. If you are wondering who is raping your best cow, I’d check the local Baptist church first.

Pastor Dale Richardson, a Baptist, was arrested for allegedly kidnapping and raping two woman. He’s also being investigated for other unsolved sexual assaults. If the charges are true, Richardson led a double life.
Dale Richardson, 46, of Myrtle Way, said he serves as pastor of Freedom Free Will Baptist Church in Ladson and also manages a construction company called All-Safe Industrial Services.
His church's website describes him as a married father of two adult children who "dedicated his life to preaching and living the Holy life as handed down in Scripture."
And by night…
Richardson pulled out a black and chrome handgun and pointed it at the woman, telling her to do as he said or die, the report said. He laid her seat back, put a pillowcase over her head and bound her hands in front of her with red construction tape, according to the report.
Then Richardson drove the woman to a home in Dorchester County and forced her to have sex with him, the report said. Afterward, it said, he took her to an area near Carolina Commerce Parkway and told her to walk into the woods, warning that he would kill her if she looked back at him.
Do they teach that in seminary? Wait… What are the chances that Richardson went to Seminary? He’s a Baptist. Anybody can be a pastor in a Baptist church. All you need to do is profess believe and start preaching. Since there is little control and not accountability (they are the original anti-Catholics you know), abuse of power follows. Granted, this is an extreme case, but it makes my point.

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Anonymous said...

I think he not guilty he sem like a nice man I met him at walmart

Dromedary Hump said...

sspangler...LOL...good one!! :)

Actually, this guy is just doing the Lard's work. God endorsed rape, he is very big on rape, albeit mostly of virgins. So since the good pastor is a student of the scripture, he was just doing what God told the Hebrews to do.

It's all good, no harm no foul ...Gawd says so.

Just Laurie said...
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Just Laurie said...

One of the main reasons I do not participate in any organized religion...too much hypocrisy! I could not agree more with your comments. I have no idea if the charges are true or not...time will tell...but saying that he "seemed nice" well most dangerous people do come off as being some of the nicest people you could ever of the reasons we trust them and they can get close enough to hurt us. After years of mistreatment by "christians" I finally learned to steer clear!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sorry you are so cynical on life. Let's see, Christians are (by and large) nice people (as are, frankly, most people). Nice people can get close to you, because they are nice. People close to you can hurt you the most. Therefore, stay away from Christians? I suppose, stay away from nice people. And, by all means, stay away from getting close to anyone.

Naturally a "Christian" getting caught in illegal acts (or immoral acts, though it can be hard to define morality without religion) is going to be big news. A trucker having sex at a truck stop isn't news, but the President having it in the Oval Office is.

I suppose never send your children to school, because teachers have abused children. Never let your child get married, because spouses generally get close to their spouses and in a large percentage of cases, hurt them emotionally. Never let people have children, because I'm willing to bet that more children are abused by parents than any other single group.

The guy that has this blog is pretty clearly an idiot. He's trying to draw attention to Baptists abusing children (and ergo that Baptists must be bad). Frankly, I'm all for drawing attention to any individual who allows this behavior to go unreported to the police. But clearly this blogger has an axe to grind with "Baptists". (By the way, labeling the "Baptists" is basically the same as saying "Protestant Christians". Anyone can start up a church and call it a "Baptist" church---it isn't like a McDonald's where the name is trade marked.)

Yet, as an evangelistic atheist, he doesn't seem to be pointing out all the horrible things that atheists do. (Why would he? That doesn't further his agenda.)

We get caught up in high-profile media cases about individuals, and then we draw conclusions about a general population. I guess we can't seem to learn that lesson.

I can say this: point out a "Christian" and an "atheist", and I can tell you who is more likely the more generous person, who is more likely to be a good parent, and who is more likely to be a good citizen. Will I be right 100% of the time? Nope, but probably about 95% of the time I will be, and it'll be the Christian that I point out.

Dromedary Hump said...

anon..the answer to those last questions is "the atheist."
I don't know any atheist parents who subject their kids to exorcisms; withold medical aid or refuse blood transfusions and let their kids die; who promote child marriage/underage sexual exploitation in the name of God; who are proud that their muslim children blow themselves up as martyrs; who brain wash their kids to mimic fire and brimstone fanatic pastors...even when they are too young to know what they are doing or able to read the bible.

I don't know any atheists who indoctrinate their children into the fear that comes with threats of hell...or the horror of a supreme being that kills it's own son.

Generosity? Bill gates contributes more money each year tan the Roman catholic church spends on candles. There are thousands more such as him. And they give it to causes that actually DO something, not some shaman's open hand.

The prison is full of christians.. more are christians in prison than profess to be christians outside of prison according to the Prison authorities report. meanwhile atheists represent 14%+/- of the US population, and less than 0.2% of inmates. Hispanic gangs with their cross and Mary tatoos;mafioso who are devote Catholiccs; IRA murderers. Now, name the atheist "gangs", crime families, and hit squads who do so in the name of "no god." lets see if I have this right: You don't see a trend in clergy using their authority and "godliness" to manipulate children and to cover it up. You don't see the hypocrisy of the church going defenders of these sick bastards. You don't acknowledge that clergy are among the worst professions when it comes to abuse of children.

Here's a thought for you to ponder: go fuck yourself and the dead Jewish Man-god you rode in on.

Dromedary Hump said...

PS: If I had a young child, I'd sooner entrust him to the town drunk, garage mechanic, or village idiot before I'd leave him /her for an hour with a priest or "youth pastor"... or you.

Begonia said...

The gun totin' safe-sex condom using preacher/rapist was jocular in court Friday until 2-more victims linked to him had instigated his bail revoked by the judge who called him a menace to society.

He's insisting on representing himself...while other counties are linking unsolved cases now that DNA and his photo is being shown to prolific number victims in 3-counties so far.

Anonymous said...

nothing like putting everyone into one pot because of a few bad apples? the author of this article needs to seek some serious help. basically saying all christians rape, and molest is just being a fucking retard. if the author is an athiest so be it, but to condemn people for being christian, lol, the author and those who support him are nothing more than a sic joke.sry, but i am not a very relgious person, but i am a christian, and unlike some morons, do have common sence. perhaps the suthor and its flock would like to back up their claims with some kind of proof? like how many christians are actually offenders of such? willing to be the number of bad apples, pales in comairison, but from where i sit, nothing more than an idiot off their meds the author of this article is.

Mojoey said...

Anon - nothing like putting everyone into one pot because of a few bad apples? the author of this article needs to seek some serious help. basically saying all christians rape, and molest is just being a fucking retard.

I fixed the article. I was not trying to imply that all baptists are rapists. I was trying to imply that Baptist pastors molest children at a rate that is just as high as Catholics. I have ample proof as I've documented over a thousand cases of clergy sexual abuse alone.

Anonymous said...

Your an idiot. Why don't u wait till there's a trial before u go an accused someone. There has only been the girls side of the story that anyone know and lets not forget that they are prostitutes and has anyone even looked at there records.

Dromedary Hump said...

I'm guessing you are either posting that as a troll, or you're genuinely Christian -aka an imbecile.

First it's "You're" an idiot..not "your".

Second, it's "before you go 'and accuse' ..." not "... an accused."

Third, it's "looked at 'their' records." not "there."

Fourth, we didn't "accuse" anyone, the victim and the prosecutor has accused. We are simply commenting on the christ butt fucking moron for what is the usual activity of Christian clergy.

Finally, if you have evidence of prostitution,lets see it. If you don't have evidence to offer as to prostitution, how is your statement any more valid than our condemnation of this Jesus sucking pervert?

I'm going with the obvious evidence that the idiot here is you; as proven by your inarticulate and grammatically deficient rant, and vapid commentary.

Anonymous said...

Wow.....most of you people are cruel....but thats your choice!!! so here is my a christian and a former member of FFW under the pastoriate of the "X" Dale Richardosn.. Yes and according to the word...KJV...I do have a right to i dont want to hear..."you do not have the right to judge"
In my opininon, Dale Richardson is quilty of doing something bad enough that the courts will not set bail..according to public records, he does not have a past record so....that makes it even worse that bail is not set...obivously the courts have hard core evidence or they would release
Yes Dale Richardson appeared to be a nice guy, but after falling into a comfort zone, he many times displayed an uncontrollable temper. He definitely had a different type of technique when he preached... (very loud and borderline violent like)but he was good at it when you first hear him, but after about a year, he was beginning to sound like a broken record...and when i think back and now go over some things that I had highlighted in my bible from his sermons, its almost like he was trying to warn his congregation about this "secret" life he had...and that is exactly what i belive it is....a double life.. and very sick at that...all of his acts were planned and premeditated...proof being the "den of eniquity" that he set up in the parsonage... His day in court will come, and i believe we will learn of many more offences....making him a serial offender. but i know, if he does not repent, his worst day will be the day of judgement.
If he was any ounce of a man, he would come out of denial so his family can begin to heal and stop wasting their money on him....they belive he is innocent and so does a small group of left over congregation... as for me and my family.... we will continue to serve the Lord....God has guided us out of that tainted property. I have forgiven Mr. Richardson as the bible instructs me to...I pray for him still on occassion, but God has moved us on and we try now to not look back... AMEN

Tom said...

Your criticisms reveal more about you than the ones you criticize. You seem common. I've never seen an atheist hospital or orphanage. Most Christians are good people, and most atheists I have met are narrow-minded and selfish. Is it really smart to assume the highest form of intelligence is human? If you can't understand it, it doesn't exist? A child can look up at night and know better than that. My experience is, the best, most believable people I have known were Christians. The most incredible (not credible) yet arrogant people continue to be atheists. When pagans (perhaps those who maintain and frequent this website) continuously attack Christians, lump them all together and label them evil, while holding themselves up as virtuous for sleeping in on Sunday mornings, their attacks seem involuntary confessions. We see our own sins most clearly in other people, and especially in decent people.

Mojoey said...

Tom - this blog chronicles abuse of children and women by pastors... Christians by profession, you misdirection is simple minded.