Saturday, August 13, 2011

He's put a black mark against Christianity

The mother of a kidnap victim said this in reference to Pastor Dale Richardson. He allegedly kidnapped a woman at gunpoint with the intention of raping her. She escaped and alerted authorities. The victim’s mother is a study in contradictions. On one hand she gives credit to God for her daughter’s escape, on the other she does not realize that if God helped her daughter get away, well then God out her into the situation in the first place.

Martin says she still lives in disbelief knowing that a pastor is accused of kidnapping her daughter, Autumn Good, 39, and trying to rape her.

"He has made a mockery of the church of Jesus Christ, our savior, because the Lord is not lot that," stated Martin.

A devout Christian, Martin says her daughter met Richardson at a Hess gas station in North Charleston on June 21.

Source: Mother of alleged kidnapping victim lashes out against ex-pastor

Christians sometimes make my head spin. Jesus is not like what? A serial rapist? Well no shit. Most of the people alive today are not like scumbag pastor Dale Richardson.

What really blew me away was this statement, "God moved in a supernatural way from having to go through what the other girls went through." So God saved your daughter but let his pastor rape the others? What kind of a god do you worship Julia Martin? Because, if he had the power to save your daughter and did not help the others, your god is evil or indifferent, or both. Why bend a knew to that?