Friday, August 12, 2011

Churches hoard wealth

One of the problems I have with organized religion is the conflict between the institutions vast wealth and poverty. Is it consistent with the message of Christ to hoard wealth while millions starve? Is building wealth the purpose of religion? Take the Catholic church, its hoarded hundreds of billions of dollars world wide. Or take the Church of England, it’s worth billions. Want more? check out The Business of Religion at

The link between money and religion is a grey area, fraught with conspiracy and scandal. Some of the wealthiest organisations on the planet are religions or religious movements - some ancient, some modern - yet the followers of religion and the countries in which they are practised are often the poorest.

Here, the team has examined some of the richest religions and their relationships with wealth.

Read more: The Business of Religion

I cringe when I see the collection plate at local churches. The dollars pour in while the hungry look on. Sure, some religious organization feed the poor and provide other services, but billions of dollars are held back for no other purpose than to enrich an institution the is supposed to represent charity, compassion, and love. It’s despicable, and its completely at odds with message they are supposed to preach.

Reposted for a correction: Replaced horde with hoard… duh.

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