Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Small beer and tipsters

Newspapers do not cover every instance of clergy sexual abuse so it is a bad assumption that my list of abusive pastors in comprehensive. A case in point is a civil case filed against former pastor Martin Briviesca Leon and the Chatsworth Four Square Church. Leon pleaded no contest to one count of child abuse in 2010. According to a press report, a previous Leon had assaulted a different child a in 2008, but the abuse was not reported to authorities.

Approximately one year prior, the defendant allegedly assaulted another child and that child complained of the abuse to different pastor at the church, according to the complaint filed by the victim’s attorney.

Instead of immediately reporting the abuse to police, as is required by the California law, the pastor is accused of utilizing his position of influence over the girl by discouraging her from taking any further action, according to the complaint.

Neither that pastor, the Chatsworth Four Square Church, nor any other of the defendants took any action to investigate, discipline or more closely supervise Leon's conduct with children, according to the complaint.

Source: Here's a Roundup of Chatsworth Court Cases

This is exactly the type of case I track. A pastor abused at least two children. His behavior was protected by an inattentive church and now they are being held accountable. It’s a perfect story. Martin Briviesca Leo should never step foot in a pulpit again. If you type his name in Google tomorrow, you’ll find a link to this article. It’s the least I can do.

I need your help. If you hear of a case please report it to me. You tip will result in a post that could help keep these monsters away from our children. These cases may seem like small beer to newspapers, but they matter nonetheless.