Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hypocrisy in action

Watch as pastor Bowser and his wife Evelyn Bowser try to weave as story about a young child making up abuse allegations against Rodger Rickman as of a scheme to get back at Rickman failed church investments. (I won’t even get into the ethical problems with Rickman managing church investments.)

"We know there are reasons why people get mad at a pastor.  Are you kidding?" said Evelyn Bowser.

Her husband said Rickman supervised church investments that didn't work out, and it was possible the parents of the alleged victim are responding by making up the molest story.

"I've been a pastor for years.  I've seen this before.  It's not an unknown scenario.  People are often coached by parents to accuse a pastor to accomplish a motive," said Greg Bowser of  Pleasant Valley Baptist Church.

Source: Tracy pastor Roger Rickman charged with child molestation

The Bowser’s are fabricating a story that makes no sense and has no link to the actual case. They constructed a scenario that explains away the charges against Rickman, yet they offer no proof of his innocence. It’s all speculation meant to sway the potential jury pool. I’d like to see their proof. Have they really experienced children making up stories in an attempt to get at a pastor? I’d like to see just one example. I have hundreds of cases that tell a different story.


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