Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pastor Matthew Jarrell commits suicide

MatthewJarrellPastor Matthew Jarrell was in jail facing charges that he committed a sexual assault when he killed himself. His death came as a shock to his church, as did the charges of sexual misconduct.
"I've been here for five years and I've never seen anybody -- never seen a woman in his office without his wife there," Parcel said.
Some people cannot handle the shame of being confronted with their own failures. I’m sure this Baptist pastor did not think he had any other way out of the mess he was in.
Jarrell was the pastor at Open Door Baptist Church in Mesquite, Texas. The website reads:
Thank you for visiting and we covet your prayers during this difficult time.
We will update this site as more information is available. However, during this time, we will continue to serve the Lord as we have for the past 46 years.
Hope to see you Sunday,
The Entire Church Membership

Somehow I don’t think "The Entire Church Membership” wrote that note.

Jarrell hanged himself with a bed sheet. Why do people kill themselves? I’d fight for every last breath, even if I were in prison.

How does it work for a Baptist? If he kills himself in a state of sin can he enter heaven?

Jarrell was charged with sexual assault in 2007. The charges were based on actions that were un-pastor like.
The woman asked for a ride home, and Jarrell offered his truck. Jarrell stopped in a secluded area off Martins Branch Road and forced the woman to perform sexual acts, police said. The woman later escaped and called police, who arrested Jarrell Thursday morning.
Here is the thing – the church should have known about his arrest. Why was it that they did not know? Ignorance like this leads to young women being raped by wayward pastors.