Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pastor Jeremy Caraway arrested

Jeremy CarawayPastor Jeremy Dewayne Caraway claims he was helping a young girl to pray around the alter at church. He says that he did nothing wrong, but police arrested him anyway.
…Kentucky State Police says investigators have uncovered suggestive Facebook messages that point to a sexual relationship.
Busted by Facebook – what kind of an idiot leaves a trail in Facebook?

Caraway is charged with rape, sexual abuse, sodomy and unlawful transaction with a minor. His alleged victim is under the age of 14.

Caraway is 36 and pastor of the Loyall Church of God. There is no word from his church. Although they have a YouTube video up in an attempt to entice visitors. The music id horrible, as is the video. There is no word as to if the condone child molestation or teach it as part of their doctrine.

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Anonymous said...

He did not do what he was accused of. The DNA came back negative

Anonymous said...

Caraway was indicted on 7/18; the grand jury added a charge
one count of use of an electronic communications system to procure a minor for a sexual offense.
his bond is now 100,000.00

linnieba said...

Now what do all the people that said he WAS innocent and the 14 year old girl was lying and starting trouble think of Mr. SO CALLED man of GOD JERREMY CARRAWAY??????

Anonymous said...

Jeremy committed other crimes in LA. He took money that wasn't his. Contracted jobs and used unqualified help. Left jobs unfinished. Misused church funds. Took advantage of senior citizens. Lied. Never enough to warrant pressing charges and hiring a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

To the stupid person who said he was innocent, how can he be innocent when he left a trail on facebook and text stupid can u get...he's not innocent by any means.

Anonymous said...

I wonder What all these idiots who supported him think now that he has been convicted.

12 reasonable jurors got to see the messages and the evidence and came back in less than 3 hours.