Saturday, May 07, 2011

Father Juán Ramón O'Farrill accused

It’s been a long wee for me. My guess is that I put in twelve hours of high stress work plus four hours on the freeway each day. You can see the results in my blog posts, which were zero. On the upside, I was asked if I would be interesting in interviewing in for two positions at work and I was called by a very flattering recruiter who was did his best to get me to fly out to Ohio for an interview. Subsequently, I paid no attention to pedopastors and the various other religious misfits who populate my blog. I have at least 10 stories to post. Yikes.

Let’s start with Catholic priest Juán Ramón O'Farrill, a popular Anti-Castro priest in Florida. He’s so popular that a street is named after him. Yet O’Farrill has his detractors – like Alejandro Mora, who claims O’Farrill drugged and then sexually assaulted him back in the 80s. Mora was 16 at the time.

Unfortunately, O’Farrill is dead, so no matter what happens, he will never get a chance to tell his side of the story. We can only look at his life and ask if the abuse charge plausible? O’Farill has a record…

This isn't the first controversy surrounding O'Farrill, however. He was arrested in 1993 shortly after giving a sermon and charged with lying under oath to protect a robber who promised sex in exchange for an alibi.

I think the answer to plausible is yes. Sex in exchange for an alibi? That’s new.

Now – it’s off for a round of disc golf.