Sunday, April 03, 2011

Youth pastor Angelo Golatt arrested

AngeloGolattYouth pastor Angelo Deboray “Doogie” Golatt was arrested on sex-crimes charges related to children from Donahue Family Church.

Golatt, who no longer works at Donahue, faces one count of aggravated rape, one count of sexual battery and two counts of molestation of a juvenile, authorities said.

Doogie was a youth pastor in charge of the junior high school children. Authorities think there are more victims. Doogie got his job because they trusted him.

"Harvest Celebration Church merged with Donahue Family Church in 2003. "Doogie" was a part of Harvest Celebration Church when they merged with Donahue Family Church. "Doogie" was highly recommended by the pastor of Harvest Celebration Church for the position of Jr. High Minister. After being interviewed by the other staff pastors of Donahue Family Church was placed in the position of Jr. High Youth Minister until he left Donahue Family Church sometime in 2005. He was under the direct supervision of the current Youth Minister at the time, who also recommended "Doogie" highly for this position. When I first heard of these accusations my heart was broken and my prayers go out to everyone involved in this situation."

He got his job via an interview and recommendations. A key piece of information, if a background check was run on the young youth pastor, was not mentioned in the statement. That’s most likely because one did not happen. They also failed to mention his qualifications. I always assume there must be qualifications to be a youth pastor. A degree in sociology or counseling, or some equivalent, right? Why would adults let an unqualified young man lead a group of impressionable children? It is a recipe for child abuse, yet the storied is repeated over and over again.