Sunday, April 03, 2011

HDR of clouds and a palm tree

HDR - Clouds and Palm Tree

I shot this while waiting for my wife and son to return from eating in a local McDonalds. I take my camera with me when I go out; even if it is just to run errands. This is spot on the Los Angeles County and Orange County border near where I live. It has sat undeveloped for 30 years while some of the most expensive property in the area grew up around it. There is a small homeless population living under the bridge behind the tree on Coyote Creek (out of sight to the left). Cerritos Sheriffs and the La Palma police take turn rousting them out.

This shot was a three shot bracket at a baseline of f.11 with one stop over and one stop under. I used Photomatrix Pro to make the HDR.

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