Thursday, April 28, 2011

We were all virgins until we were not

Whenever I hear Christian stories of chastity, abstinence, and born again virginity, I laugh to myself. We were all virgins until we were not. It was a club most of us were desperate to get out of. I want my children to abstain sex until they are mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come with sex. Hoping that they will remain virgins until marriage is a fool’s hope. Hormones, peer pressure, and… teen love are a recipe for breaking ironclad pledges – even one sealed by a chastity ring. In the heat of the moment, in that moment when we don’t think but instead desperately dream, we are all left with our own awkward memories. To deny this is to deny reality. I choose to educate my kids instead. and are two websites that cater to the Christian pipe dream of chastity. Of course, it’s a dream with a silver lining. is a place where virgin singles can meet other virgin singles online., the sister website, caters to virgin and non-virgin (or "born-again virgin") singles who are abstaining until marriage. The sites not only provide a safe environment for abstainers to meet one another, they also invite others to abstain from sex until marriage. Its Second Life virtual reality site hosts 11 Abstinence Parks and five Virgin Parks, with 3D chat service open only to Silver and Platinum members.

Call me jaded, but this is a counter productive scam. I wonder how many young man (and old men) sign up just for access to unlimited virgins?

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