Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grand Jury report on Catholic clergy sexual abuse

I trusted tipster sent me a link to the Grand Jury reporting on the clergy sexual abuse scandal at the Philadelphia Archdiocese. The first 6 pagers are hard to read and it gets no better the deeper you go into the document. The report has case studies. Read about Father Nicholas V. Cudemo on page 125. The man was sick and the documents clearly point to the Catholic church as corrupt and responsible for his actions.

  • Father Stanley Gana, 79
  • Father Raymond Leneweaver, 101
  • Father Joseph Gausch, 117
  • Father Nicholas Cudemo, 125
  • Father Peter Dunne, 157
  • Father James Brzyski, 177
  • Father David Sicoli, 197
  • Father John Connor, 223
  • Father Gerard Chambers, 233
  • Father Michael McCarthy, 243
  • Father Albert Kostelnick, 255
  • Father Edward DePaoli, 261
  • Monsignor David Walls, 277
  • Father Francis Rogers, 289
  • Father Francis Trauger, 303
  • Father John Schmeer, 313
  • Monsignor Francis Giliberti, 321
  • Father John Mulholland, 327
  • Monsignor John Gillespie, 339
  • Monsignor Leonard Furmanski, 347
  • Father John Delli Carpini, 359
  • Father Thomas Wisniewski, 365
  • Father Thomas Smith, 373
  • Father Francis Gallagher, 381
  • Father Thomas Shea, 387
  • Father John Cannon, 393
  • Father Michael Bolesta, 397
  • Father Robert Brennan, 405


Anonymous said...

The formally knowned father james lives in my complex.cresent view apts in dallas tx.he would act strange so I googled him.he has been preying on young boys on neighbors and I found it strange that he was obessed with young boys I. Hope. This was helpful

Anonymous said...

I have pic of him if you interested respond to comment.I. believe he is a sick perv who should pay for what he has done.I don't. Believe he has changed.he should be stop and be knowned as a sex offender.why should he get away with this james as I know him resides at cresent view apts dallas tx 75219 apt 214