Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wanted: Youth pastor Daniel Fischer


Have you seen this alleged pedophile youth pastor? He is a wanted fugitive.

"[On Wednesday] we had warrants for both Fischer and his wife," said Lincoln County Sheriff Jerome Kramer. "She was arrested, but we were unable to locate him. His vehicle and cell phone were both on the premises, but he was not located and has not yet been located."

If the stories of what this man of god did are true…

Nichols’ affidavit indicated that there are currently five known victims between the ages of seven and 15. Interviews with the alleged victims showed a common theme, Nichols wrote: Fischer would hire them to help him irrigate corn in the summers. During these times, Fischer would shower the alleged victims with money, dinners, and gifts, Nichols wrote. Fischer would then find time to be alone with the alleged victims, either at his residence or in a corn field, and sexually assault them with penile or digital penetration, the affidavit said.

I would start looking for turkey buzzards circling above corn fields.

They arrested his wife too. Apparently, Deanna Fischer took video and photos of the abuse. What the hell?