Monday, April 25, 2011

Pastor Jason Phillips convicted

Canton youth pastor Jason Phillips was convicted of criminal sexual assault. HIs victim was a 15-year-old girl. The jury took less than an hour in it’s deliberations. Phillips faces 15 years in prison. I should note that his pastor, Kevin Van Tine, was a firm supporter. Van Tine was sure the charges were fabricated. How sure are you now?
Original post: Life is a gamble. Right pastor Jason Phillips?
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Anonymous said...

He would be positive since jason is his son in law

Anonymous said...

I went to the church where Jason was a youth pastor. I was involved with the youth too and I firmly believe this was not the only incident. He told me personally he was going miles to hook up with other girls/women I've no idea but he couldn't keep it in his pants.Side story, Jason went to the pastor and said god told him he was to marry his daughter who was only 12 at the time which raised all sorts of alarm bells when the pastor told me this. I'm glad he is doing 15 years.