Monday, April 25, 2011

Accused priest kills himself

Monsignor Michael Smith killed himself rather than face charges he molested a young boy. Smith apparently took an overdose of drugs.

Monsignor Smith, who was also responsible for St Peter's Chapel in Hadlow, was arrested on December 7 last year on suspicion of sexual assault "concerning a young person" and immediately stood down from his post at the Lyons Crescent church.

Kent Police said this week the investigation into the alleged crime was still ongoing.

Det Insp Rob Chitham said: "Inquiries are continuing with a number of people who have spoken to detectives in connection with the investigation.

Suicide is rarely satisfying. His victim will never be able to face his accuser. It’s all so sad, and pointless. Suicide is the cowards path, but then again, so is molesting a child.