Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photo a day – Devils


My wife and I walk the monthly Long Beach Flea Market at Veterans Stadium. It’s two hours of meandering through folk art, collectables, and antiques. We talk while tripping on the odd people who frequent the event. I shoot a lot of photos. It’s great fun. Today’s photo take was poor as my new Nikkor 18 to 105mm lens broke. The autofocus stopped working (or never started), so I had to resort to manual focus. Apparently, I’ve lost this skill.

My odd moment of the day came when I found myself surrounded by 5 tall men. I’m 6’2”. It’s rare to run into one person who more than an inch or two taller than me. Running into 5 very tall men (6’5” or better), all apparently unrelated, in one small section of the flea market, was disconcerted. I turned around after taking a photo to find myself the smallest man in a crowd. It felt wrong.

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