Thursday, January 13, 2011

I’ll have a latte with a side of Jesus freak please

imageI have a friend who’s dream is to open a Christian coffeehouse as part of his ministry. I’ve always recoiled at the idea privately. There is something about the tranquility of a good coffee shop disrupted by the minions of Jesus that sets my teeth on edge. I’m afraid it would be a bad scene. I could not enjoy a cup of coffee with the burden of Christian love hanging on every sip. My thoughts never strayed to the possibility of abuse though. It did not occur to me that a Christian coffeehouse could be a place where children are at risk.  Enter the pedophile…

Christian activist and “minister of Jesus’ Michael Frediani was arrested in Springfield, Massachusetts for failing to register as a sex offender. He managed Holy Grounds Coffee Shop where he served free coffee to teens in exchange for conversation. This minister of Jesus raped an 11-year-old child in New York. It gets better, nutball pastor Scott Lively owns the place.

Frediani had identified himself as “Michael Free,” when he was interviewed last Friday by The Republican at the coffee house. At the time, Frediani said he was a “volunteer manager” at the coffee house, assisting the owner, controversial pastor Scott Lively.

You remember Scott Lively right? He one of the overtly bigoted anti-gay pastors. This is what he had to say about his convicted pedophile coffeehouse manager.

“Having been a pastor a long time, and having known many people with a rough past, it doesn’t surprise me he has a rough past. That he has a criminal record. A lot of Christians are former criminals. That’s the beauty of the salivation of Christ.”

Translation – I don’t care about his background. He’s a Christian now so all is forgiven. Move along sheeple.

I should also point that Lively stated the Coffeehouse was not a business, but that it’s was a church. Of course. the church ministers to school kids and Michael Frediani was managing it for him under an assumed name. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. .

I wonder why Lively did not do a background check? That seem reasonable in a situation like this and something I would expect from a responsible community leader. Maybe that’s why he did not do a background check, because Lively is neither responsible or a community leader. It’s something to ponder.

Just in case you think this pedophile deserves a break, consider this. Frediani was allowing kids to use the coffeehouse as a hangout for kids cutting school. You do the math.


Anonymous said...

Gut feeling tells me there is something deeper going on with Lively's flippant 'oh well!" regarding a convicted/wanted Pedophile while at the same time Lively is one the key proponents that introduced the pogrom to exterminate/execute gays in Africa (and here.

How is it he can 'forgive' a pedophile while demanding the slaughter of others?

Joe-sf said...

I sent the following email to Scott.  His email address is

Hi Scott,

Just read that you have been harboring a child molester at your christian coffee house. Also read that you’ve been cited for encouraging children to skip school.

Got to say that I’m not surprised. Although you christians like to claim that gays are pedophiles, peer reviewed social science since the 1980s has shown that gay men are responsible for only 3-5 percent of child molestation. The rest is committed overwhelming by men who are only attracted to children (gender seems to be irrelevant to these) and straight men (again gender seems to be irrelevant). If you find it difficult to believe that straight men rape boys, just consider prison populations: men rape men all the time as an expression of dominance. I imagine a similar thing is going on when straight men rape children.

And from all indications, it seems that christian straight men are more inclined to child molestation more than others. Which brings me to my question: are you a child molester? You’re straight. You’re christian. You harbor child molesters. You encourage children to stay in your coffee house and to skip school by giving them gifts (christian pins, I believe). All of this seems rather suspect, wouldn’t you agree?

My other question is this: is your anti-gay rhetoric and actions a smoke screen so that the general public will not suspect you of being a molester? By blaming gay men for this hideous behavior are you trying divert attention from you, a straight, christian man?

Gotta say, it seems awfully suspicious.

Kisses and Hugs

Andy said...

Hmmmm... it seems my comment and nyour reply to my comment is ff the page. Maybe something going on with the comment system?

Meh, about the MA criminal check system - I have worked for several nonprofits as well as my wife and the only checking being done are for in-state offenses. This goes for the local school where my kids go, too. If you want to volunteer they only check if you have been convicted in MA.