Monday, January 03, 2011

My favorite blogs of 2010

People ask what blogs I read all the time. I get the question at least twice a week. The truth is that I am not much of a blog reader. I try at times, but I find I do not have the time to read as many as I would like. But I keep track of those a read on a regular basis. It’s a short list. I’m skipping the business oriented blogs out of fear that I will bore you with a project management geek fest. This is my list. You may find it odd.

  • Zen Habits – I’ve read Leo Babauta since the first month he started blogging. He takes simplicity a little farther than I am willing to go, but I like his ideas.
  • No 2 Religion – I feel like Martin is my central California cousin. Plus he’s a frequent commenter here on my blog so I can’t help but follow back to see what he’s writing about.
  • Atheist Revolution – This is the best Atheist blog available (IMHO). I read every post.
  • Pecan Pie – A new entry to my reading list this year. I find the writing good, the stories interesting, and the possibility of pie is hard to beat.
  • Toomanytribles – What can I say? Tribs is an amazing photographer and an atheist too. I read every post and check out each one of her photos.
  • CaroLINES – This is my favorite weekend read. I look forward to it every Sunday.
  • No Longer Quivering  - The sleeper hit of 2010. This blog is one of the best available.

Oops – I forgot Conservative Babylon. – it’s amazing!

I have a question for my Atheist readers. What is your pick for best Atheist blog? I’m thinking about doing a survey to capture the results. Would anyone be interested in helping put it together?

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