Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Speak no ill of the dead

Whoever made that line up was an ass. Serious. When somebody dies what’s the point in holding back. Nothing you can say will hurt the deceased. So here it goes. The late Bishop of Fresno, Bishop John Stienbock, protected pedophile priests and participated in the cover-up of clergy sexual abuse cases. He came around in the end, but he started poorly. There, I said it. This is what his obituary said.

During his tenure, he had to address the issue of clergy sex abuse of minors and deal with the cases of priests serving in the diocese accused of abuse. Over the years he issued several pastoral messages and letters, in English and Spanish, covering pro-life issues and reiterating the church's teaching on women's ordination, immigration and same-sex marriage.

The LA Times is less gentle.

Like many Catholic bishops, he faced strong criticism over his handling of cases of sexual abuse by priests, although some praised him for taking a relatively forthright approach. In one recent case, a Sacramento attorney dropped a lawsuit against the diocese after discovering that Steinbock had removed the priest from the ministry and notified his previous parishes of the alleged crimes.