Monday, December 20, 2010

Pastor Donald Grecco guilty

Former Catholic priest Donald Grecco pleaded guilty to charges that he had sex with several alter boys. Two victims spoke out.

Two of the victims, Mike Blum of Dunnville and Jim Hennessy, who lives in northwest England, took the unusual step of asking that the court-ordered publication ban on their identities be lifted. Each has launched a $3-million lawsuit against Grecco and the diocese in connection with the abuse.

Grecco is 70. He received a 18 month sentence. Does that seem right? It’s Canada after all. Maybe child rape does not carry a big penalty?

Grecco lived a full and rich life repeat with the pleasure of his choice of choir boys. Let the man do some hard time. 10 years seems reasonable. 10 years seems just 18 months is a joke. You can get that for not paying your speeding tickets. Where is the sense of balance here?

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