Monday, December 20, 2010

Defrocked priest Oliver O’Grady arrested

Former priest Oliver O’Grady is already infamous for his conviction for the sexual abuse of children. One would think a prison term would influence his thinking. We know from studies that pedophiles rarely straighten out. Why do we think a stint in prison will help? Perhaps that is why he was recently arrested for the possession of child pornography in Dublin. There were thousands of images involved. O’Grady needs to spend the rest of his life behind bars. It won’t happen in Europe though. They are way too lenient in these types of cases.

Can you guess what a pedophile priest does when not in prison? Give up? Try this…

O’Grady has lived in various Irish cities since his deportation. He made news in April when it was discovered he’d been living in the Netherlands for about 18 months and going by the name “Brother Francis,” his middle name. He worked as a deacon in a small Rotterdam church, volunteered at a shelter for women and children, and worked at McDonald’s as a children’s party coordinator.

Can you feel the sleaze?