Thursday, November 04, 2010

Pastor Wintersteen sentenced to 131 months

SteveWintersteen Pastor Steven Wintersteen, in my opinion a contender for worst of the worst when it comes to clergy sexual abuse, was sentenced to almost 11 years in prison.

OKLAHOMA CITY—Today, STEVEN LEE WINTERSTEEN, 62, of Mammoth Lakes, California, was sentenced to serve 131 months in federal prison following his conviction for traveling from Reno, Nevada, to Oklahoma City for the purpose of having sex with a girl he believed to be 8 years old and for possession of child pornography, announced Sanford C. Coats, United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma.

What did he do?

Wintersteen and the woman began corresponding via Yahoo! Instant Messenger, and he asked the age of the woman’s daughter. She told him the girl was 8. Using Instant Messaging photo sharing, Wintersteen sent the woman a picture of himself naked—except for a  Santa Claus hat—and told the woman that he could not wait to show the “little one” “Santa” wearing only boots and a hat. Over the course of many phone calls, instant messages, and text messages, Wintersteen told the woman in explicit detail that he wanted to have sex with the girl, and he made plans to travel to Oklahoma City for a four-day visit. Unbeknownst to Wintersteen, the woman was cooperating with the FBI, recording all of her communications with him, and the 8-year-old girl did not exist.

Like I said – one of the worst of the worst. This guy was a freak.

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