Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Papal condom brainfart

My first thought upon hearing that the Pope had said it was ok use condoms in some situations, like for a male prostitute, was that he was actually sending the message to his priests so that they would feel safe using them while they abuse children. Because he could not have just said it was ok to use them to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in gay male prostitutes, but that it was not ok to use them to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS in heterosexual relationships – Because that reasoning defies logic and it won’t help the situation in Africa one bit. It’s PR crap. My issues…

Being gay in Africa is rapidly becoming a death sentence thanks to the work of American Christians. Gay male prostitutes are not the problem in Africa. Heterosexual relationships, be they with a prostitute, the result of an affair or promiscuity, or resulting from a married relationship, are the problem. This is the face of AIDS in Africa. The Pope is not helping.

Adding another voice to the call for condom use in the sex trade is nice. We need that. But why just male prostitutes? His position makes no sense at all. If it is good for stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS in men, then it should be good for women too. Sex with female prostitutes is not for procreation, it is for recreation. The Pope is not helping.

The goal of the secular world is to preserve human life. The goal of Catholics is to make babies for Christ without regard for the consequences and human suffering caused caused by HIV/AIDS. Catholics are murdering people with their condom polices. The Pope is not helping.

The Atheist Experience has a good story going on this issue . Drop in and let them know what you think.

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