Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The festering stench of hypocrisy

Pastor Cedric Miller made the national press I was in a funk. I kept the story up on my browser the entire time. This bastard is a hypocrite and in my opinion a pastor with a Caesar complex too. The Facebook stuff is laughable on its own. Who really thinks of Facebook as a portal to infidelity? I guess it’s plausible if your morality is only as strong as government issue toilet paper. We are talking about Christians here. They have the magical book of morality to guide them through life’s temptations. They know better. Affaires are bad for a marriage and unchristian too. Don’t have affairs. It’s pretty simple really. Why blame Facebook? I have simple advice for this situation - If you can’t manage your moral compass in Facebook, hit the unfriend button and then find another pastor/church. You are not learning the Christian message.

I don’t get it. I’m almost 50. Any old girlfriend I might lookup is well along the way to becoming a grandma. So no, that does not appeal to me in any way. And what about the attractive young ladies? Whatever – I’m happy, married, and true to the love of my life. Facebook is a way to keep up with my family and friends, as it should be to a Christian whose moral character is true to their teachings. You can use Facebook to hook up if that is what you are inclined to do, you can use email, the phone, or hookups at the club. Don’t go blaming the devil here. This is on you.

I see that at one time pastor Miller asked his followers to share Facebook passwords. I don’t have a problem with that, but… relationships based on trust don’t really work this way. I would never invade my wife’s privacy by checking her activity, nor would she do the same too me. So if the good pastor’s advice was so that a spouse could check on the activities of their mate, that’s just wrong. My wife knows my info in case I die. We trust each other. Of course, I have the added advantage of knowing that she finds my atheist related activity dull.

Pastor Miller is clearly on a power trip. Can he really order his congregation to give up Facebook? If so, his followers are sheeple and he is a fool. Teach them morality, don't outlaw “stuff”. That’s just a legalistic reaction to your failures. Where is his moral authority anyway? He’s been in three-way sexual relationships with his wife and a male employee. How is he qualified to lead a church? He has sexual impulse control issues and is a horrible example of a leader. I love his quote. "This was resolved at that time and accordingly we will not allow it to detract from our mission at hand to save as many marriages as we can." It speaks to the self-delusion that a pastor’s work is more important than a pastors indiscretions. It’s all bullshit, but the sheeple lap it up.

Note to followers off Pastor Miller: If your pastors been in three-way and four-way sexual relationships with people that work for him. DO NOT take marital advice from him. Go find another church. Your marriage is at stake.

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