Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Simon Owens on the It Gets Better campaign

I needed a lift today. I’m down at moment over problematic work issues. I always get this way when I work a screwed up project. I came home exhausted and mentally spent. I needed a lift and email delivered. Simon Owens wrote to tell me of his recent article on Dan Savage’s It Gets Better campaign. I smiled. I laughed. I watched a view more videos, I even shed a tear (in happiness). In the end, my sprits were lifted. Thanks Simon!

Simon interviewed people to see if they think Dan Savage’s message will work.

But will the campaign actually work? Is there a gay or transgendered teen out there who will watch one of these videos right before he’s driven over the edge? It may be several years before we know the answer to this question — if it does work, someone whose life was saved will likely write about the experience — but many of the people who posted their own videos on YouTube have told me that this kind of project would have been very influential in their own lives if it would have been initiated during their adolescence.

Go ahead – get your daily dose of hope. It helps.

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