Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pastor Steven Tari guilty

You might know pastor Steven Tari as “Black Jesus”, or you might know Tari as the man who deflowered 430 young “flower girls” as part of his Papua New Guinea pseudo-Christian cult.

A Bible school drop-out who promised his followers eternal life and prosperity, he claimed that his beliefs entitled him to have sex with female recruits as young as eight, known as flower girls. In an interview in prison in 2008, he told Australian Associated Press: "I got plenty, 430 [girls]. What I did ... is under and in line with my religion. It was religious and not wrong."

Christians send missionaries to teach Christianity. Some converts understand it is about power and dominance. The results are 430 young girls raped with their illegitimate children ending up in Christian orphanages. How does this help again?

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