Saturday, October 09, 2010

Photo a day – food and pain


I shot this last night while dining with my wife and mother. I am able to see again thanks to my new glasses, so I am having much more fun making pictures. Last night was Peruvian cuisine at a favorite local restaurant. I ordered Tacu Tacu – which is not a taco in the Mexican sense of the word. Rather, it’s a rice and bean pancake with eggs, along with some chicken or steak. It’s Peruvian comfort food and it’s damn good. On my comfort food scale, it ranks right up their with Chicken Pot Pie.

I paid for it. Within 15 minutes of eating and while enjoying my post meal coffee, my stomach flipped in this sickening way that. I associate with Las Vegas and call “Vegas stomach.” When I was young, and enjoyed dining at buffets, the grease would sneak up on me. The results were not pretty.

A few minutes after leaving the restaurant the cramps started, then the vomiting… the pain lasted well into the morning hours. It was so bad that I skipped my normal round of sunrise disc golf in favor of bread, water, and a warm blanket.

I’m feeling better now but face the prospect of a wine festival in Pasadena. Stiff upper lip Joe! Somebody must taste the wine.

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