Monday, October 04, 2010

Photo a day – faces and people


I had to back off shooting photos for a few days while I waited for a new pair of glasses. I was happy for an opportunity to pick up my camera again this weekend during a fast trip to Little Tokyo. I shot this on 1st street. My wife and son were walking ahead of me and in no mood to stop, so I did what I normally do and shot anyway.

Later, as I composed a photo in front of a building and waited for a pedestrian to walk through a patch of sunshine, I had a little nutball trouble. I shot a few people and had started looking around for something else to shoot when a lady yelled at me. She wanted me to stop taking her photo. She was loud and insistent. I denied shooting her photo (if I had it was incidental) and asked if if she would like to see my take. She responded by calling for security.

DSC_8185 Let me set the stage. I’m sitting on the steps of the Geffen Contemporary at Moca while my wife and son were visiting a craft show inside. I’m alone under a shade tree shooting architectural shots with a professional looking camera while using pedestrians as filler. In a sense I am killing time. It’s almost noon, the light is horrible, and I’m in a wasteland of concrete dullness. I honestly think that I am a magnet for nutballs. The lady persisted for a few minutes with nobody heading her call. She eventually left after calling me a fat visual terrorist (a great name for a blog). I moved on too. There was this Lomo Arigato catering truck that was calling my name.