Monday, October 04, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long says no “Street fight”

In this weekends sermon, Bishop Eddie Long said he would not participate in a street fight, and then he hired a famous private investigator to dig up dirt on the four young men who have accused him of coerced sex.

Long told supporters at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church that he is "not going to be pulled into a street fight" and that he doesn't hate anyone. But he directed his listeners to turn to a passage in the Book of Job that read: "Those who hate you will be clothed with shame, and the tent of the wicked will be no more."

Translation – I don’t plan on conducting a fair fight, and when this is over the boys will not have a pot to piss in.  Of course, we know that the case will not go to trail, at least not if Long has his way. With no entity having authority of Long, he’s just write a fat check, sign non-disclosure agreements, and then get back to building his wealth.

As for his private detective – we all know the score there. Do whatever you can to discredit your accusers. How is this not street fighting?

"Each of these charges is frivolous and we plan to address them accordingly," Ward said.

This is a time when the tables will be turned.

The four accusers have made shockingly intimate sexual allegations against their church leader. Now it's Ward's turn to delve deep into their lives, their pasts, to defend his client.

Still no denial though. My guess is that we will never hear one.



Anonymous said...

deep thoughts..poor kid...should have known better...

here are some of my deep thoughts..

mikespeir said...

Is there some reason my comments are being deleted? Earlier this morning I commented on this very thread. ("Funny how they always want to take the high road after they're caught on the low road.") It showed up. I saw it. Now it's gone. This is the second time in the last few days that this has happened.

I'm considering going to my room and pouting. (I'll let you know.)