Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I rarely agree with Republicans

Ron Johnson I rarely agree with Republicans, but in the case of Republican U.S Senate hopeful Ron Johnson, I think he has a real good idea. He wants the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay to release the names of priests accused of child abuse.

Johnson said in a statement complete transparency is the only way to deal with sexual abuses in the church, and any “person or entity” that withholds information should be prosecuted.

“We need stronger penalties against anyone who preys on our children,” Johnson said. “They deserve the harshest sanctions the law will allow.”

Johnson represented the diocese in legislative hearings and served on the financial council of the Green Bay Diocese. I think we can safely use he past tense. there is no way they will ever use him again.

What I find disturbing is that Green Bay is one of many diocese in the United States. We can assume that each diocese has its own list of priests accused of child abuse. Who is pushing the other dioceses?

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kate said...

Abso-fucking-lutely! They should be named and publicly flogged. And then FIRED.