Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zero-Tolerance PC BS

I wrote a short post yesterday about my son being pulled out of school because of his choice of clothing. It was the result of an idiotic zero-tolerance policy adopted by the school this year. I found another example of the pitfalls involved when people disregard common sense for strict rules. The injustice involved is palpable. Who’s High? A School Suspends a Student for Bloodshot Eyes.

Administrators at Byron Nelson High School didn’t let the boy stay on campus for long. Because of his irritated eyes and, they claimed, the smell of marijuana on his clothes, school officials said they suspected Kyler of using marijuana and sent him home Tuesday with a three-day suspension. The school said it would lift the suspension within two hours if Kyler passed a drug test — which he did.

So, if a student has bloodshot eyes, then he must be high, therefore we must suspend him. And, don’t bother to listen to his explanation. I think the logic in my son’s case when something like, if the boy has a weapon on his shirt, he must be dangerous, therefore we must remove in from school. Forget about learning, he could be planning mayhem.

It’s all so stupid. It looks like I need to attend a school board meeting.

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