Thursday, September 16, 2010

Unethical Christian poaching

I’m so used to all religious people telling me I’m going to hell that I sometimes forget that Christian sects poach from each other using the same techniques but with a slightly different message. A found an interesting example of this at mamapundit. It seems a couple of Baptists called on mamapundit one day in her yard. She attends an Episcopal church, which to the Baptists might as well be a mosque.

We exchanged pleasantries about the weather, and they told me their names. They admired C and G and asked if they were my only children. I replied that I am the mother of five children, but that I recently lost my oldest son.

That’s when they pounced.

First, one of the women said she understood just how I feel since she lost her sister last year (which is actually way better than the person who about a month ago told me that she understands my loss because her dog died recently and “he was just like a child to me.”) Then they asked me if I was sure that Henry had been “saved” before his death, and whether I knew where he is now. I took a deep breath and calmly answered “yes” and “yes.” I offered no details.

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Mamapundit - my condolences on the loss your son.

I find it amusing that one church could be so cocksure of themselves when meeting another believer. So sure that they feel free to hurt. Is this the love of Christ in action? Or, are the focused on their baptism headcounts?

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