Thursday, September 09, 2010

Stupidity is not a crime

Even though at times we all wish it were true, stupidity is not a crime. Pastor Terry Jones is lucky, the stupidity police are on their way to arrest him, only they don’t have just cause. Civil rights pioneer Stetson Kennedy has his own PR stunt planned. He intends to conduct a citizen’s arrest during Jones’ planned Koran burning. This has fail written all over it. Especially since Jones has a .40 caliber pistol strapped to his leg.

Stetson Kennedy says he’ll be in Gainesville this weekend, and will conduct a citizen’s arrest on Dove World Outreach Center Pastor Terry Jones on the grounds of inciting violence and rioting.

“Any citizen in the presence of a crime in progress may make a citizen’s arrest,” Kennedy said.

“In this case, I would intend to take the Reverend Jones to the nearest U.S. Attorney.”

Expressing ones constitutionally protected right to free speech is hardly something one can be arrested for. Even if you think others may right in counter-protest. Surely a civil rights pioneer would understand this? Nah, when publicity is involved, and it could help your book sales, people will do just about anything.

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