Thursday, September 09, 2010

Pastor Millier Flambert arrested

Rule number 14 – don’t let a pastor hang out at a Walmart with a video camera.

Miller Flambert, 49, was arrested Tuesday, a day after he was seen sticking a pen-shaped video camera under the skirt of a woman waiting in line at the pharmacy in the Wal-Mart on Silver Spring Street, said police Maj. Thomas F. Oates III. Flambert was arraigned Wednesday on two counts of video voyeurism, a felony.

OK – I’ve seen the People of Walmart. Nobody wants to see up their skirts. That’s just nasty.

Flambert may have a bit of a upskirt fetish. After finding dozens of images of women on a memory card, the police are taking a close look at his computer.

Detectives in the state police computer crimes unit are conducting a forensic audit of Flambert’s computer. The state police have joined the investigation, as Flambert is suspected of having also videotaped women at stores in various cities. In Providence, he is suspected of taping women at the Stop & Shop on West River Street and the Price Rite on Branch Avenue, Oates said. Both Providence police and the state police have each charged Flambert with video voyeurism. He is being held on surety bail on both charges.

He missed Target. Everyone knows that the hotties shop at Target.