Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rev. Charles Granstrand denies allegations

Every person investigated for a crime has a right to say they did not do it. It is good to see people use their rights. Catholic pastor Charles Granstrand used the pulpit to deny sex abuse allegations.

The Rev. Charles P. Granstrand, pastor at Our Lady of Mercy, publicly defended himself before a largely sympathetic and supportive congregation, just after Communion and just before the second collection. Granstrand's comments come one week after two individuals passed out fliers seeking information of more victims at a town-sponsored fireworks event.

"I can tell you very simply that this allegation is not true," Granstrand said. "I have never done such a thing."

Rev. Granstrand has not been charged, yet the allegations are public knowledge thanks to a victims rights group canvassed the local population.

The Rev. Robert M. Hoatson, founder of a victim's rights group of church abuse, said he and his group canvassed the fireworks event looking for more people to come forward.

How do you treat both the alleged victim and alleged abuse fairly in a case like this? How does the pastor clear his name? This is the reason I do not normally report on allegations alone. If there is enough information for an arrest, the pastor is fair game.