Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Pastor Felix Owino arrested

Rev. Felix Owino Catholic priest Rev. Felix Owino was arrested for allegedly molesting an 11-year-old boy girl. Parishioners at his former churches and schools are being asked to report any additional abuse allegations.
"I would also ask that you share this matter as gently as possible in your family and especially with those who were children at the time Father Owino was in Pittsburgh," he wrote in a letter that was to be mailed today. He said he would have preferred to be at St. Bede this weekend to make that request in person, but that prior commitments prevented it.
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I cannot imagine going home to my family and asking if Rev Owino did anything inappropriate to my son. How does one do that?
This is the most telling line in the story:
Because there had been no complaints here, the diocese didn't act immediately when it learned informally of his arrest in July…
His other churches knew of the abuse allegation but did nothing. Why do Catholics put up with this kind of abuse?