Monday, September 06, 2010

Hightower on Hawking

Brad_Hightower4 My pastor friend Brad Hightower started blogging again. His post on Steven Hawking is interesting worth a quick read. He’s starting to take his head out of the sand when it comes to how religion views politics and science. I like where he is heading. I particularly like his take on the creationist ‘God of the gaps” in his Hawking post.

No one who actually has faith has faith on the basis of a God of the gaps. People do not hold faith in order to answer a question of origins or to fill in some cosmological gap. People come to faith in response to a moral and spiritual sense of life.

The faithful don’t think about the God of the gaps, unless of course they are in a evolution debate with a scientist, then that all I hear. I hope he addresses the obvious problem with his logic. Could it be that Christians are disingenuous?

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Anonymous said...
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Jim said...

I think he's wrong. I think that in every human being, from the time our brains turn on and start functioning in the way that it normally does, we start to fill in the gaps of the world around us. It's only after indoctrination that children and adults alike, falsely carve out some new shape about what god is.

At first, we see the world around us and are in awe at how it works. As a kid, we don't know anything about why things are the way they are but we, if we're human enough, begin to tackle the innumerable, 'W's' of the universe. Every encounter we face to answer these questions, we choose either a natural and scientific cause or reason for something OR we subscribe it to some supernatural reason. This happens first.

I've always disliked the saying that we're born atheists. I would say we're all born unsure. It's religion that comes later that shapes this self-made construct into something else.

Mark said...

Friend me on facebook. I'm writing a book and you and your Dad are in it.
Mark Schultz