Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pastor Donald Armstrong guilty

It would be more accurate to say that Pastor Donald Armstrong (no relation to Stretch) pleaded no-contest to charges he embezzled almost $300,000 from his church and trust funds. Would it matter if I say he did it to pay for his children’s college?

iStock_000011863582XSmall"The recent actions taken by the court in the criminal proceedings against Don Armstrong bring closure to a very sad chapter in the life of this diocese," Bishop Robert J. O'Neill said.

Armstrong, theologically more conservative than the Episcopal Church had become, broke away in May 2007 to form a new Anglican congregation.

An Ecceliastical Trial Court in 2007 removed him as an Episcopal priest of the diocese after finding him guilty of stealing a total of $392,000 from parish-controlled coffers.

Read more: Ex-Episcopal priest from Colorado Springs pleads no contest to theft

Why do pastors steal? Is it that God does not provide?

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