Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pastor Daniel Monk arrested

DanielMonk He said she was his girlfriend. Only she is 16 and he 47. Plus he’s her pastor and had been counseling her parent through marital difficulties. What do you call a man like Monk? I can him a stain and a disgrace. Other people call him Pastor Daniel Monk. He’s been arrested for felony Sexual Battery.

According to records from Licking County Municipal Court, late last month the girl's mother called Hebron Police over concerns of an inappropriate relationship between her daughter and Monk. Records state when police interviewed Monk roughly a week later, the married man admitted to being the girl's boyfriend and that they had kissed and had sex on at least two separate occasions. The records go on to say Monk had been counseling the 16-year-old because of her parents' decision to divorce.

Monk was pastor at Soul's Harbor Pentecostal Church in Millersport. The congregation is justifiably “shocked.”