Thursday, September 23, 2010

Episcopal Church must fire Bishop Bennison

Instead of firing the pedophile protecting Bishop, the Episcopal Church is asking that Rev. Charles Bennison Jr. step down as Bishop. Asking makes one think Bennison has the option of declining, and since he’s shown no interest in taking responsibility for his part in the cover-up of child sexual abuse, I hold little hope that he will leave on his own.

"We have come to the conclusion that Bishop Bennison's capacity to exercise the ministry of pastoral oversight is irretrievably damaged," the statement said. "Therefore, we exhort Charles, our brother in Christ, in the strongest possible terms, to tender his immediate and unconditional resignation as the Bishop of the Diocese of Pennsylvania."

Bennison claims he’s being railroaded.

Charles Bennison has said he was being railroaded by other church officials who were trying to cover up their own involvement in his brother's case, and that some had been trying to oust him due to differences in theology and the handling of church finances.

He’s not going anywhere.